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packs-with-salmon-web-resolution-1-.jpgFat-Cat Fish is a small, family-owned pet food company located in Bellingham, Washington. We believe pets are part of the family, and that is why our ingredients come from fish processed for human consumption.

We procure fish from Alaska, California, Michigan, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia in order to supply the pet food industry with a reliable source of the best fish protein available.

We are an industry leader in grinding/blending/freezing technology. We supply the pet food industry with ultra-premium and responsibly-sourced salmon and whitefish, using the latest technology and equipment. 

We began developing our pet treats in 2017, although we have over 75 years of experience in the fishing industry encompassing all areas including purchasing, processing, value-added custom processing, pet food, retail, trucking and wholesaling. 

We do not believe in processed foods. Instead, we embrace natural and wholesome pet food and treats. We discovered that most commercial pet food and treats today are not healthy and is equivalent to fast food for animals. Most of the good proteins are destroyed during processing. All dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves need raw meat, fish, real organs, and real bones to thrive; but it’s messy and time consuming. We discovered that freeze-drying fresh meat also preserves all the nutrients. That is the reason we formulated all our pet treats based on freeze-dried technology. All our products have been carefully made to meet our strict food safety specifications ensuring your dogs and cats are only eating the healthiest and tastiest treats available in the market.

dog-laying-web-resolution.jpgOur products contain one ingredient – Fish. And we practice  QUALITY FIRST + SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY + GUARANTEED ANALYSIS + SAFETY STANDARDS  because we believe pets should have nothing less than our very best.

We process our fish under the requirements of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act because we want to supply nothing less than the very best for people and their pets. Certificates of Analysis: to ensure strict quality control standards, extensive lab analysis testing is performed in order to guarantee the level of protein, moisture, and ssh in accordance to formulation requirements. A HACCP, or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Plan is also followed to ensure that the fish protein meets the same standards and regulations as fish produced for human consumption.

We are proud that all our products are 100% made in the U.S.A. including all ingredients, manufacturing process from beginning to end, and all our packaging is also made in the USA, which is rare in the industry.

At Fat-Cat Fish Company, we believe that pets are part of the family and that is why our ingredients come from fish processed for human consumption.

It’s my personal guarantee to you that we believe in the quality and safety of our pet treats, and I have personally approved all of our products.


Fat-Cat Fish

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