Why Freeze-Dried?

Freeze-dried dog and cat treats are lightweight because 95% of the moisture has been removed. They have a long shelf-life and do not require refrigeration unless rehydrated.

We use only fresh and whole fish. No fish-meal. The nutrient value of our treats exceeds that found in other pet food because of the ingredient quality and freeze-dried process. Our products provide the best high-protein natural snacks that are also tasty and highly digestible.


Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can easily be damaged by cooking or oxidation. So preserving them raw in the freeze-dried state means they can be better absorbed by the body. We guarantee that we make our products with the finest ingredients. You can use our treats as a whole meal or tasty topper.

Freeze-Dried Process

ingredient2-b.jpgFrozen fish is placed in a vacuum chamber where the temperature remains below freezing. As the pressure and temperature changes, ice crystals (moisture) in the fish are vaporized rather than evaporated. This prevents moisture from becoming a liquid before it is removed.

Because the moisture goes directly from a solid to a gas, freeze-drying has a minimal effect on the cellular structure of ingredients. The process does not shrink or toughen the protein, and it will retain its original nutrients. The method is very different compared to dehydration, during which food loses up to 50% of its nutrients. 

The freeze-dried process is more expensive. The primary reason for the higher cost is the amount of time and equipment required. Our treats are highly concentrated since they no longer contain the moisture of fresh fish. Freeze-dried foods are the closest alternative to a raw diet. Our treats can be rehydrated with water before feeding or fed directly from the package.

Freeze-Dried Treats are the Best for Your Dogs and Cats

freeze-dried-treat-best-for-your-pets2.jpgFor pet parents currently feeding raw diets, freeze-dried products are ideal when traveling, hiking or camping because they take up less room and weight. Since each meal can be mixed-up minutes before feeding, they eliminate the hassle of having to juggle thawing and refrigeration.


Freeze-dried products are also ideal for pet sitters or family members who may be squeamish or forgetful about handling raw diets. They allow your pet to continue to eat a healthy diet without worry while you’re away.

Finally, freeze-dried means you do not have to deal with freezing, thawing, and the cleanup required when using fresh raw food. Freeze-dried is the answer! Just remember, you’re still dealing with raw meat, so proper handling and cleanup is important!

All of Our Treats Produced in the USA Using the Latest Advancements in Freeze Drying Technology, Process, and Equipment: Delicate Freeze Drying Process that Preserves the Nutritional Integrity of RAW Fresh Whole Food.

We practice QUALITY FIRST + SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY + GUARANTEED ANALYSIS + SAFETY STANDARDS because we believe pets should have nothing less than our very best. We process our fish under the requirements of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act because we want to supply nothing less than the very best for people and their pets.

Certificates of Analysis: to ensure strict quality control standards, extensive lab analysis testing is performed in order to guarantee the level of protein, moisture, and ash in accordance to formulation requirements. A HACCP, or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Plan is also followed to ensure that the fish protein meets the same standards and regulations as fish produced for human consumption.

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